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I Forgot About the Internet

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(Ported from old blog)

Twosense, God rest its soul, was scrapped in 2007. Or maybe 2008. It was 200something, a date which it is not anymore. Since then my writing has been confined to social media posts of typical length 1-3 sentences. Sometimes I issue only a single phrase, a lonely participle dangling in the breeze at the end like high-tops hung from the power lines outside some stupid hipster’s apartment. A paragraph is easy. More is not.

Does anyone remember when I won the writing award in 7th grade? I do. This is the single thing that drives me to believe that I too can throw words at the Internet and have them stick in some recognizable pattern. At one point I realized that form holds as much interest to me as content. Sentence construction is an art, and it is one of the few forms of art I can actually feel some appreciation for, philistine that I am. Note that I am not talking about grammar. I have no idea how one is typically supposed to construct a sentence. But there is texture to words, and the best sentences feel like wearing a Snuggie.

To translate, I expect that this blog will be low on meaningful thoughts and heavy on verbiage. To translate again, this will be a blog. Though, it will be a blog on purpose, a blog which is self-aware. A blog that celebrates the fact that it is a blog, and the writer is unimportant.

gg, bbl.


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