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It’s been a while, online world. I had a ponderously-titled blog called Topography Of Ignorance* over on the blogspot, begun in 2005, but it petered out in ~2008 as grad school became more and more “interesting.” Nowadays, the thought of my many witty observations going unnoticed as Dave’s go ‘noticed’ fills me with dread, so I have forced him to join forces in the form of this blog, a force of verbiage to be reckoned with. Dave’s sperm have already been mentioned, so I think we are off to a pretty good start.

What to say about myself? I’m a gentleman, a scholar, and a third thing which is the punchline of this sentence. Like most other grad students, I’m studying for a PhD because I have no other interests and my underdeveloped social skills preclude my spending much time in non-science situations. “First, master talking to the nerds” I said to myself. I am from Rhode Island, so I’m one of America’s only rightfully discriminated-against minorities. I am studying astronomy, so I’m basically being discriminated against by Congress and the American people the minute they stop looking at photos from the Mars rover. And I have “thinking of the third thing inability disorder” so medical science has it in for me as well.

My previous blog billed itself as “Astrophysics, Esoterica, General Complaints”; though some time has passed, I am still devoted to those 3 things so I’ll try to use this site to provide history’s greatest insight on them.**

*From a Oliver Wendell Holmes Quote, to relate to the everyman

**Intended in the same sense that people use when they refer to the late Kim Jong-Il as the World’s Greatest Golfer.

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Author: (Ryan) Michney

Dread Astronomer

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