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Les Automatóns

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Bonjour Y'All

Bonjour Y’All!

Me: I just had a dream that I was in a production of Les Mis and the major action of the plot revolved around several of the major characters secretly being robots. For instance, that “I dreamed a dream of time gone by” song was about a robot who was hundreds of years old pining for the life he used to have 300 years ago in England.

Girlfriend: Have you ever seen Les Mis?

Me: No, and now I’m afraid I’m going to be disappointed.

Girlfriend: So the other characters were dressed as robots?

Me: No, I think they were actually being played by robots.

Girlfriend: This is the most magical conversation we’ve ever had.

Me: It might be the most magical dream I’ve ever had.


Author: (Ryan) Michney

Dread Astronomer

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