Two Almost Physicists With Almost Something To Say


Cheers! To blogging!

Cheers! To blogging intermittently!

Dave and Ryan met as PhD students at a certain large northeastern university that they have made little effort to conceal. Dave’s writing is strongly influenced by the fact that he spent a significant amount of time a mile underground in an abandoned mine waiting for a flash of light in a giant tank of rare liquid elements. Ryan, on the other hand, was mostly inspired by the fact that he had to sift through mountains of data to find aggregate distortions in faint galaxy shapes so imperceptible that they can’t be detected without buggy software—and then basically guess where a bunch of invisible stuff is.

Since they both worked on different ends of a fairly implacable issue in cosmology, when in need of distraction/imposing the nonsense we encounter or create on others, we sometimes put stuff on this blog. If we were cleverer, we’d mostly write about science, but we’re not.

Ryan also used to have a blog here.

Dave and Ryan exist as corporeal lifeforms.


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